The Future of NATO and European Security

10 January 2018 - advice 106

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The will of the people? The erosion of democracy under the rule of law in Europe.

4 October 2017 - advice 104

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Is the eurozone stormproof? On deepening and strengthening the EMU

25 September 2017 - advice 105

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In preperation


- Request for advice on the private sector's role in achieving sustainable development goals
- Request for advice on flexible integration in the European Union
- Glocalisation
- Request for advice on security and Africa
- Request for advice on civilian protection in armed conflicts
- Request for advice on the future of Schengen

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About AIV

The Advisory Council on International Affairs (AIV) of the Netherlands is an independent body which advises government and parliament on foreign policy, particularly on issues relating to human rights, peace and security, development cooperation and European integration.

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